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Pain is caused by tight and imbalanced muscles. Regain control of these muscles by retraining your brain and nervous system. 

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Hands-on and customized to help you alleviate chronic pain and or improve mobility. 

Sitting at a desk for 20 years had taken its toll and I didn’t want to feel tight and stiff anymore. Since taking the classes Ihave noticed an increased range of movement, a greater understanding of how muscles work, and am inspired to practice at home without feeling overwhelmed.   It has made a HUGE difference for me this year! −  Kim

For years I've been dealing with chronic neck and lower back pain. My first Somatics class focused on releasing the muscles in my lower back with a very small, gentle movement. The release I felt was huge! Since taking the classes, the pulling sensation in my neck is gone, I can sleep the entire night without shifting to alleviate the pain in my shoulders. Bending over no longer hurts my back and I can sit cross-legged easily. My overall flexibility and range of motion is noticeably improved. I would highly recommend Somatics!  −  Gail

FREE Yoga guide for beginners: 7 tips to boost your practice!

If you’re new to yoga and want to establish some good basic practices, this guide is definitely for you.  Or maybe you’re already practicing yoga, but are having trouble  progressing to the next level.  Learn seven foundational principles to boost your practice!

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