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Be in charge of your own wellness

Are you curious as to why you have limitations or pain? And despite your efforts to get rid of pain or stiffness, nothing really works as much as you'd like? Or why your yoga practice - if you have one - is not progressing as much as you'd like?

My hope is to empower you to take control of your own wellness by becoming more aware of your body and how you move. I believe our bodies have the innate wisdom to heal, if we allow ourselves to be present with the message our bodies communicate to us. This requires a certain level of awareness, as we can’t change that which we are unaware. You will be amazed at how transformative this can be!

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My approach

I teach people how to be more aware and to move mindfully. Starting each class with a body scan - you check in with how your body feels and how it rests on the floor. You also check in with the state of your mind. It's important to start with this awareness of "what is" so you can gauge your progression. If your goal is to get more flexible, reduce pain, or relieve stress, then you need to be aware of where you're at first.

There's also a focus on the breath - how do you breathe and what part of the body do you breathe into? How you breathe is directly related to your energy level, your state of mind and how you move! During the class, I focus less on how a pose looks, and more about how it feels in your body. You can gain so much more when you move slowly, just like you can catch more detail when a video is done in slow motion. Notice what's working that should be, and what's working that shouldn't be. Learn to reduce compensations and become more efficient, which will translate into becoming stronger and feeling less tight and stiff.  Feel like your body is your friend, not your enemy! If this approach resonates with you, I invite you to try my classes.

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My story

I first tried yoga at the local community centre. Luckily, I had a great teacher who taught from the heart. One of the first things I learned was the power of the breath to help me deepen the poses and to ease and quiet the mind.

The breath and the mind being so interconnected, I was amazed at how breathing deeply could help so much with relieving stress! I'd come home from yoga and slip into bed for a deep, relaxing sleep. The yoga made a difference in loosening my tight muscles and in becoming more aware of the unconscious tension in my body. This stress relief also translated into being a more patient mother to two children. I was hooked!

Shortly after that, I took my 350-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Oakville, and started teaching at a couple different studios in Mississauga.  While my yoga practice did help with reducing my stress, calming my mind and increasing my flexibility, I continued to have recurring pain in my S-I joint and IT band.  Stretching and rolling did nothing to help. It would at times be so bad it would go into spasm and I could barely walk. Regular visits to the massage therapist and chiropractor helped relieve it temporarily, but it always came back.

Recurring pain

At this point, I had recurring S-I joint pain, dull pain in my left shoulder and fairly regular neck tension and headaches. I also felt a general stiffness in my low back, particularly upon waking in the morning.

After lots of searching, I came across Somatics. I had a private session and it made a noticeable difference in my shoulders and back. With practice, these positive changes kept coming.

I decided to take this training through the Somatic Systems Institute in Massachusetts, and then with Essential Somatics. Since that training, my S-I joint problem has completely disappeared (no more routine visits to chiropractor!).

I have greater range of motion in neck and torso, reduced pain/tension in neck and shoulders, a longer and freer stride while walking, less forward rounding of shoulders, and less stiffness in my lower back.

I feel like a different person! And the good news is that when issues arise, I have the tools to resolve them myself! I am excited about sharing this knowledge with you, so you have the power to resolve issues in your own body. Check out my online program: Retrain Your Brain: Learning to move without pain.

With this "new body", I recently completed an additional 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Matt Giordano, an international yoga teacher and founder of Chromatic Yoga. Chromatic Yoga is a systematic approach that provides a highly intentional and well structured experience for students to cultivate awareness of their body and mind.

This approach will support your yoga practice by breaking down bigger challenges (postures, practices, life goals) into smaller digestible parts, and encourages a step by step approach toward awareness, conscious action and transformation.

Somatics and yoga complement each other very nicely, because you enjoy your yoga practice more when you have more freedom of movement. As a bonus, you can enjoy more freedom in ALL areas of your lives such as walking and running. This includes the sports and activities you do and not only are they more enjoyable, they are more efficient as well.

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Lenore Foster
Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator
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