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How do you respond to stress?

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When under stress, the body responds by increasing muscular tension. Learn the two basic muscular responses to stress and how to manage them.

Why a Forced Stretch Doesn’t Work for Tight Muscles

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A stretch doesn’t provide long term benefit to the muscle and possibly does it harm. Instead, consider why the muscle is tight in the first place.

Life is one big yoga pose: Equal parts effort and ease

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Our physical yoga practice is a great metaphor for how we show up in the world and how the world shows up in our lives.

Building Strength in your Yoga Practice

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True strength arises by doing less. If an area of your body doesn’t have the strength to do something, then other parts of your body will try to help. This helping interferes with building true strength.

How to release tight muscles

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Consider that tightness is the body’s way of “holding together” an instable area. Try improving your function and stability so that tight muscles release.

How to get a good core

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Core stability is something that automatically happens when you move in a mindful manner and with an easy breath. Find out how to gain core stability without bracing.

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