Lenore Foster is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator serving clients in Lorne Park, Port Credit and South Mississauga. She provides yoga and Somatics classes and privates in her home studio.

Somatics for tight shoulders

Learn to loosen stiff or tight shoulders by using a technique in Somatics that retrains your brain to better control your muscles. Key things to remember: move slowly, pay attention to the internal sensations, and move in a pain-free range.

Chest Opener: Breathe Better and Release Tension

When you're under stress, the body responds by releasing cortisol to help you deal with it. It also responds with muscular tension, by clenching the jaw and raising shoulder up and forward. To counteract this, try this chest opener which will help you breathe and release that tension. The resulting deeper breath will bring you into a state of homeostasis - or balance.

Bridge pose to Improve Hip Mobility

Bridge pose can improve your hip (and shoulder) mobility - but only if you avoid these compensations. Sometimes bridge pose is done with a back bend. I like to use it as a way to practice hinging and unhinging at the hips and shoulders, keeping the spine in neutral. Try it out and see for yourself!

Hip Opener: Legs Up The Wall with Hip Movement

Hips get tight because we're not necessarily moving from the hip joint, i.e. where leg bone meets the pelvis. Try this movement to gain awareness and mobility in this important joint. Notice what's working that should be and what's working that shouldn't be.

Full Body Scan

In Somatics we call this a Soma Scan which is a detailed exploration of the entire body to see where it's at in its current state. The word "soma" refers to the ability to sense your body internally. While someone else can see your body, only YOU can sense how it feels. This internal sensing is also referred to as proprioception.

This scan can also be treated as a meditation on the art of being present because it requires you to bring great awareness to the entire body. This can be used to get a good snapshot of where your body is at before doing a movement practice or exercise. Then, after, you can do the scan again, and see how things have changed. This is a great way to improve your proprioceptive skills!  This helps you better able to self-monitor and thus self-correct when things are "off" in your body.

supine soma scan

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