Lenore Foster is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator serving clients in Lorne Park, Port Credit and South Mississauga. She provides private Somatics sessions in her home studio, using Covid precautions. 

Clinical Somatics Private Session

If you are unfamiliar with what Clinical Somatics is, please read more about it here.  When pain or tight muscles get in the way of life and your activities, it can be frustrating. Especially when you have tried different things to resolve the problem, to no avail.  A private Somatics session can be very helpful in identifying where your problem areas are, and what to do about it!  Often what happens is the tight muscles become so "numb" that other muscles are recruited to help with the movement, even though it is not their job.  This leads to fatigue in those muscles and then that can cause more problem and pain! These sessions are hands-on and individualized just for you.

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What happens during a private session?

First, your posture is assessed so that it can be determined which clinical lesson (or protocol) to teach you. Each clinical lesson focuses on one specific stress reflex pattern that is present in your posture.

An assessment can also be done independently. It includes a detailed intake - areas of concern, history of injuries and/or surgeries, activities, occupation. It also includes a postural assessment which gives me information on the state of the musculature.

After this, you will be guided, hands-on, through gentle, slow movements and assisted pandiculations (a technique used where the muscles are engaged while they lengthen under load).  These are designed to restore sensation and control of muscles at the brain level and reverse your specific patterns of chronic muscular tension.

You will begin to retrain your brain to release amnesiac, painful muscles and reset their length and function. This process improves the brain’s awareness, and increases your ability to monitor, correct, and adjust your movements and responses to stress. Each session focuses on your particular needs, history of muscular pain, and movement habits.

At the end of each session you will learn specific Somatic movements to practice at home. A daily 5-10 minute Somatics routine reinforces the improvement you achieve in each private session. These self-care movements are the foundation to long-term pain relief and efficient movement. Practicing daily gives you the ability to manage chronic stress, relieve aches and pains, and improve your movement.

How Many Private Sessions would I need?

It really depends on the person. Usually 3 sessions is a good place to start, as it is difficult to resolve chronic muscle tightness in one session. Many people have a combination of different stress reflex patterns, and it takes at least one session to release one pattern. Remember, these are patterns that may have been present for several years! It takes time to reinforce and establish new movement patterns. More sessions may be required for more complex issues.

The good news is that once you relearn these movements, you have the tools to help yourself in the future, and there is little need to book another session. Once you have learned to reverse your Sensory Motor Amnesia, then group classes are the best way to maintain the changes and improvement you make in your muscle function, body awareness, and movement.

Pricing for Hands-on Somatics Sessions

Assessment only$35 + HST
Initial session
(90 minutes, includes intake and assessment)
$100 + HST
Single Session
(1 hour)
$85 + HST
Group of 3 Sessions$240 + HST$80 per session

"For years I've been dealing with chronic neck and lower back pain. My first Somatics class focused on releasing the muscles in my lower back with a very small, gentle movement. The release I felt was huge! Since taking the classes, the pulling sensation in my neck is gone, I can sleep the entire night without shifting to alleviate the pain in my shoulders. Bending over no longer hurts my back and I can sit cross-legged easily. My overall flexibility and range of motion is noticeably improved. I would highly recommend Somatics to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain and wants to learn how to help him/herself.” --Gail

All Somatics sessions are one hour long and are held in my home studio in Lorne Park, Mississauga.  Please contact me to set up an appointment.

Lenore Foster is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator serving clients in Lorne Park, Port Credit and South Mississauga. She provides yoga and Somatics group classes and private hands-on Somatics sessions in her home studio. Call her at 905-271-2505 or fill in the form below.

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