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Do you have chronic muscle pain or tightness
that isn't going away?

chronic muscle pain

If so, you've likely experienced one (or more) of the following problems:
  1. You have chronic muscle pain for at least 3 months that interferes with your daily life despite getting help from professionals such as PTs, RMTs, chiropractors, and osteopaths.
  2. You wake up several times every night due to your pain.
  3. You try to do the sports and activities you love, but you hurt yourself and this makes you feel resigned and hopeless.
  4. You spend a lot of your day dealing with your pain in the form of appointments with specialists (massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc), doing exercises and stretches, using a heat pad, taking warm bath, resting, etc.
  5. You feel stiff and inflexible despite practicing yoga or stretching regularly.
And so you do this to try and fix things:
  1. Stretching or massage, but it doesn't really work long-term
  2. You rely on specialist to help you with your pain, but it's temporary and you have to keep seeing them for relief.
  3. You use strengthening and cardio to counteract weak and tight muscles, but it doesn't work.
  4. You take pain killers, which temporarily relieve the pain, but it's a short term solution.
Can you relate?! If so, don't worry, I've been there!
I used to have chronic pain that was debilitating and I found something that helped eliminate it for good. If you would like to learn this unique approach, I have helped many people get out of chronic pain with my program...

The Pain-Healing Method:
Retrain Your Brain

retrain your brain to improve posture

This online Somatics Fundamentals program is designed to reduce chronic pain, accumulated tightness and stiffness (including that associated with an accident or injury).

We call this tightness and stiffness Muscle Amnesia which is like a "memory loss" of how to control certain muscle groups and how they feel.

How does this happen? Throughout our lives, our nervous system, controlled by the brain, continually responds automatically to daily stresses and traumas with specific muscular reflexes. Over time, these muscular contractions become so deeply involuntary and unconscious that we no longer "remember" how to move about freely.

Being aware of your movement patterns and learning the technique of pandiculation is the most effective way to get out of pain, reduce stiffness and manage exhaustion/stress.

Through slow and gentle movements, you'll learn to release the muscles that are limiting you.

The program focuses on the areas in the body where Muscle Amnesia occurs. We train you in sensing and controlling the muscles in the middle of your body, at its centre of gravity (back muscles, abdominal muscles and obliques). Your CORE.

The core, or centre, directly impacts the periphery of your body: namely your hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms and neck. These work more efficiently and feel looser when the middle of the body has been freed up first.

You'll receive a short movement routine called the "Cat Stretch" that can be done regularly to maintain the beneficial effects of this program.

Results? Feel better in your body so you can to do the activities you love, sleep better, have more energy and feel LOOSE and FREE!

the pain-healing method

Overview of The Pain-Healing Method

In the above diagram, there are 4 pillars to the Pain-Healing Method. All pillars are required to become the Pain-Healing Warrior you want to be.

Neuro Navigation
Navigating your nervous system - learn how your nervous system works and that change is possible. Learn the 3 built-in stress reflexes of our bodies and how understanding these can help you. Identify your dominant pattern, as well as the different levels of pain.
Here you learn the powerful technique of pandiculation (turn on muscles, slow release, turn off) and take action to restore and realign your body to its ideal functioning. This technique can be applied to any part of the body. This is where the retraining of your brain and nervous system happens.
Practice makes progress. This is not a "once and you're done" method. You need to allow new movement patterns to "set" into your daily movements. This pillar will also include how to progress with strength, flexibility, and stability/balance, and you will see how your mental and emotional state and energy levels are positively affected. Your commitment and willingness to implement the work will determine your results.
This fourth pillar infuses the other three pillars. You need to cultivate an awareness of your body - what is its present state, tune into sensations, and understand your physical, mental, and emotional states are all connected. Learn techniques to soothe your nervous system, to prepare it to learn new patterns of movement that will serve you. Practice tuning into sensation and trusting it. Only do the movements in a pain-free range, knowing that pain is a signal to stop. Through awareness, you train your body that pain is not normal.

Here's what people are saying:

"For years I've been dealing with chronic neck and lower back pain. The first lesson focused on releasing the muscles in my lower back with a very small, gentle movement. The release I felt was huge! Since taking the course, the pulling sensation in my neck is gone, I can sleep the entire night without shifting to alleviate the pain in my shoulders. Bending over no longer hurts my back and I can sit cross-legged easily. My overall flexibility and range of motion is noticeably improved. I would highly recommend this program!"

"I’m absolutely loving your course and a getting tremendous results!! My pain level is way down and I feel like I’m walking better. I now have the stamina and no pain to go about my life as I used to! This course has been life changing for me!"

“It was eye-opening that we can retrain our bodies with such simple, small movements! Really liked the combination of science fact and practical application.”

exercises to reduce chronic muscle pain

After regularly practicing a daily routine to reinforce the benefits of the program, here are some RESULTS of the participants:​

  • feel less tight in hips and low back
  • more fluidity when running and cycling
  • feels like a ‘reset’ especially after a highly stressful day
  • shoulders feel less tight, especially when laying down and stretching arms out to the side, there isn't the pulling sensation there used to be
  • played golf four days in a row and could walk afterwards! Neck has much more range and doesn't feel like it will go into spasm when moved in certain ways like it did before
  • did an annual swim event and this year for the first time did not feel sore afterwards! Also had a similar experience after playing golf
  • Getting up and down from floor is much easier
  • shoveled gravel and did not feel sore afterwards. Also did gardening for half the day and did not feel any ill effects
  • can sit more comfortably and has more mobility
  • feel taller and standing straighter, more aware of posture


This program runs for six weeks. The training videos will be online and can be watched on your own time.

It also includes three LIVE Classes (60 minutes each) I'll be hosting on Zoom AND in-person.

NOTE: These sessions will be recorded if you can't make them live.

Here I will guide you through some movements and be able to watch you to ensure you're doing the movements correctly. Questions are welcome here and I'll add some variations to the movements that you can experiment with during these live sessions.

In addition, there will be a Community Hub inside the Program where you can post questions any time. The idea here is to give you the encouragement and support you need.

You will have access to this program for the life of the program.


Module 1: Intro to your Nervous System - Learn how your nervous system works and how muscles get tight in the first place. Learn how to do a body scan, and the fundamental "go to" movement to release tight muscles

Module 2: Controlling the muscles of the back - learn to release tight back muscles, neck and shoulder pain, and to relax these back muscles when they are not needed.

Module 3: Controlling the flexor muscles of the trunk - learn to release the muscles of the front which get tight when you slump at the computer, or when you're worried or anxious.

Module 4: Controlling the muscles of the waist - learn to release tight waist muscles which affect the hips, knee and foot. If you have pain in those areas or have "tight hips," this is an important movement.

Module 5: Controlling the muscles of rotation - learn to integrate all the movements to coordinate the hips and shoulders for freer, more fluid movement in general, and especially for rotating (including the neck!).

Module 6: Improving walking - we are the only vertebrates that walk upright, thus have the need for counterbalance - arms and legs swinging opposite each other. Learn to break down this basic movement for easy, effortless walking.

Module 7: Seated movements - learn to apply all these movements to a seated position so that you can practice them during your day more easily.

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