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I was increasingly noticing how my body was tight and stiff.  Even the simplest movements like picking something up from the floor could cause a problem.  I realized that sitting at a desk for 20+ years had taken its toll on my body and I didn’t want to feel like this anymore.  I tried a number of classes before finding Lenore’s.  Some were overwhelming with 30+ people, some offered little instruction and assumed you knew how to do everything, and others were far too ambitious for beginners.  Lenore’s classes are calm, focused and deliver results in a low stress environment. She takes time to explain things to ensure understanding.  The classes are small so you can concentrate and master the techniques. Since taking both the yoga and Somatics classes I have noticed increased range of movement; greater understanding of how muscles work in the body; and inspiration to practice at home without feeling overwhelmed. There is so much we take for granted when it comes to movement.  But how much do we really invest in making sure our body is functioning properly? Take Lenore’s classes and see results!


Seeing Lenore has been incredibly helpful and revealing. I have dealt with chronic pain issues for over 10 years now, having seen many specialists and clinics. The help I received came in what I now see as a patchwork of recurring surface level maintenance that did not address underlying patterns reinforcing a cycle of pain. I was able to get routine help and then return innocently to daily movement habits that undid gains. And over time this created an environment where I didn't know or didn't listen to what my body needed, deepening the problem. Lenore's practice identified damaging patterns, helped me build invaluable body awareness, developed a skillset to put my health in my hands, and has shown invaluable positive improvements. She identified places where I did not realize I was holding stress. Somatic exercises helped with neck, back, shoulder, and leg pain. And when I visited one specialist in particular, they noticed that the misalignment of my spine that had continually reasserted itself over months was gone. What Lenore does is subtle but her work is very special and the cumulative results are dramatic. I would recommend her to anyone no matter where they are on the path to greater wellness.


I love the relaxing atmosphere, the small class size, the individual attention, your commitment and dedication to the participants and the art of yoga. You take beginners who have never had a class before and teach them to appreciate the movements and the concept of yoga without it being too serious.


I like a teacher who is very confident and doesn't hesitate, it makes me feel safe in the practice. You have a tone in your voice that is calming and focused which I really need; I tend to come to the class with a million thoughts in my mind but you are able to get me to focus really well.


Lenore is an excellent verbal coach which as a beginner I find beneficial as I am not familiar with the yoga lingo and poses.  She is also very skilled at fine-tuning each move so all participants can accomplish the exercise regardless of their current ability.  Lenore always gently reminds her classes of the importance of attaining the correct stance/posture/breathing in order to get the most out of the experience.  It also amazes me how much of a workout and stretch your body gets from seemingly gentle, not strenuous, movements when performed correctly.  I love the individual attention Lenore pays to each member of the class to ensure we each get the maximum benefit. I can always count on Lenore to provide a truly enjoyable experience that leaves me relaxed and limber while also feeling noticeably stronger.  I usually attend her Saturday morning classes and find them the perfect release at the end of a busy work week.


For many years I have been dealing with chronic neck and lower back pain.  It has forced me to give up many of the physical activities I enjoyed when I was younger.  It has also made me afraid to try new activities for fear of aggravating my condition further.  Although I've visited chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, a neurologist, and personal trainers in an effort to get to the root of the problem, I've been unsuccessful.  While they have helped greatly in eliminating the chronic pain in the short term, the same symptoms eventually recur and I have felt helpless in being able to do anything to improve my condition on my own.

My first Somatics class focused on releasing the muscles in my lower back.  Although this was a very small, very gentle movement, the release I felt was huge.  It seemed unbelievable that such a small movement could trigger such a change.  When the same experience occurred after the second class, I knew I was on to something that could help me gain control over the muscle tightness that was causing my pain.  Since then, I have practiced Somatics regularly and continue to attend classes.  The pulling sensation in my neck that was an almost daily occurrence is gone.  My lower back continues to bother me if I remain seated for long periods of time, but I now have a tool that I can use to help myself when this occurs.  I can sleep the entire night without having to switch from one side to another to alleviate the pain in my shoulders.  And the results are very noticeable when I attend Lenore's yoga class.  A forward bend no longer hurts my lower back.  I can sit cross legged without having to fight to keep my back straight.  There is no painful pull when transitioning into downward dog.  My overall flexibility and range of movement is noticeably improved.  I would highly recommend Somatics to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain and wants to learn how to help him/herself.  Thanks Lenore!


After attending Lenore’s yoga classes, I was intrigued by what Somatics had to offer. The idea of retraining the muscles to work the way they were originally intended to was very appealing. In my private Somatics session, Lenore created an atmosphere of trust and is very thorough in her administering of both physical touch as well guiding me to focus.  I felt very supported in what she was asking me to do, both physically and mindfully. I have had significant reduction in pain in my shoulder after a session, and Lenore provides the tools to be able to integrate the movements into our daily lives so we can help ourselves. It feels good to know that there is an alternative way to alleviate the “symptoms” of aging or pain without medical intervention. Somatics truly works. It is something that should be explored by anyone suffering muscle pain.  The level of trust and concern that Lenore provides her clients with is paramount, making hers a safe place to practice mindfulness.


I can count on you to take an interest in my personal condition and do what you can to make me feel comfortable and safe, while offering a challenging, yet not overwhelming class. You are always friendly and professional, which is so important to many people and lacking in today's society where the fitness and yoga industry is over-saturated. You care about the individual needs of each of your clients.


Lenore is a fantastic yoga instructor!  She is very knowledgeable in the physiology and biomechanics of the body and knows just how to tailor her yoga instructions to fit your needs. Her teaching style is very calming and helps keep you focused and centered. I would highly recommend Lenore for yoga classes and for Somatics where she works with you one on one to help reduce pain and improve mobility. Thanks Lenore!


I love how Lenore explains the different poses and, in each class, I learn something new and interesting.  The Saturday morning classes are the perfect way to start the weekend - I always leave feeling grounded, stronger, taller and relaxed.  I love that Lenore gives a mini-massage at the end of the class to help stretch and loosen my neck and shoulders.  The studio is a gorgeous, light-filled space.

Lenore Foster
Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator
1309 Ambleside Drive, Mississauga, ON
Phone: 905-271-2505

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