Lenore Foster is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator serving clients in Lorne Park, Port Credit and South Mississauga. She provides yoga and Somatics classes and privates in her home studio. 

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Class Schedule


To register or join a class, contact Lenore at info@yogawithlenore.com or 905-271-2505. Payment by e-transfer (preferred) or paypal.me/yogawithlenore.


Fees for regular 60-minute classes (HST included)

Monthly commitment - $20 per class

5-class pass - $112.50 (5 drop-in classes)

Drop-in class - $25

➡ 10% discount for two or more classes per week ⬅ 

Note: workshops and special classes excluded (see below for price details)

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Class Descriptions

Mindfulness Yoga (60 min)

This is not your typical yoga class. It incorporates mindfulness into a movement practice so you build strength and suppleness, not strain. We may break down a typical yoga pose in order to identify areas that are weak, compensatory or don’t move well. This will improve the efficiency of your movements. If you want to develop strength, in a non-braceful, non-grippy way, this class teaches you how. Suitable for all levels: those who are new to yoga will learn a lot about their bodies, and those who are familiar with yoga will get an opportunity to slow down and check in. This will help you manage "information overload" and improve your ability to pay attention. [see schedule]

Go With the Flow (60 min)

Built upon a traditional Hatha yoga practice, and designed for those who want to move mindfully and find freedom in movement. Expect both floor-based and standing poses as you develop strength, flexibility and balance, along with some smooth flowing movement. Appropriate for beginners. Leave class ready to slip into bed for a blissful sleep! [see schedule]

Intermediate Hatha (60 min)

For those who want a faster paced class and have more experience, we build heat and increase strength, while reducing pain, tension and stress. Learn to move purely, minimizing compensations, in a very mindful way. [see schedule]

Somatics: Improve mobility, reduce pain (60 min)

Ideal (but not necessary) for those who have done the Myth of Aging workshop, we will build upon what you have learned. Each week we'll explore a different part of your body.  You'll learn a LOT about the habitual movement patterns that are contributing to your issues - and how to release them.

You have some limitations, tension, tightness or pain and you want to learn what's causing it, and how to lessen it. Somatics helps you resolve dysfunctional movement patterns that you’re unaware of. This class also helps with resetting your nervous system, especially if you tend to have anxiety or feel your sympathetic nervous system is more active (body's response to stressful situations).

You'll learn a powerful technique called pandiculation which helps lengthen muscles (without stretching), thus reducing tightness and pain.  You may be surprised at how such small and gentle movements can make such BIG changes. This will impact walking, running, yoga, sports... your life!  Everyday movements such as bending over, reaching overhead, getting up off the floor and turning your head to reverse your car will be changed for the better.  Learn more about Somatics here. [see schedule]

Somatics/Yoga Blend (75 min)

Ideal (but not necessary) for those who have done the Myth of Aging workshop. This is a favourite of many students! Apply the techniques of Somatics and see how it impacts your yoga practice! Each week we will explore a different part of your body and how to release it so that it improves your yoga practice. For example, the ability to back bend is directly related to how free you are in the belly area. Being unable to bend down to touch your toes is usually due to tightness in your back or hamstrings. We'll start each class with some Somatic exercises, exploring tight shoulders, hips, belly and back and will also look at twists and side bending. The second part of the class we'll do some yoga and you can see what impact the Somatics exercises have on your yoga practice. This series will give you the tools to help you manage areas of your body where you feel constricted and frustrated. Learn more about Somatics here. [see schedule]

Myth of Aging Online Training Program

The problems that you've always thought of as the symptoms of age -- stiffness, bad back, chronic pain, fatigue -- need never occur!

This program is designed to reduce the effects of accumulated tightness and stiffness that are usually associated with getting older. This program also helps if you've had an accident or injury.

We call this tightness and stiffness Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) which is like a "memory loss" of how to control certain muscle groups and how they feel.

How does this happen? Throughout our lives, our nervous system continually responds automatically to daily stresses and traumas with specific muscular reflexes. Over time, these muscular contractions become so deeply involuntary and unconscious that we no longer "remember" how to move about freely.

Being aware of your movement patterns and learning the technique of pandiculation is the most effective way to get out of pain, reduce stiffness and combat exhaustion/stress.

Through slow and gentle movements, you'll learn to release the muscles that are limiting you.

The program progresses gradually, focusing on the areas in the body where SMA occurs. We start with training you in sensing and controlling the muscles in the middle of your body, at its centre of gravity (back muscles, abdominal muscles and obliques). Your CORE.

Then we deal with the periphery of your body: namely your hips, legs, shoulders, arms and neck. These work more efficiently and feel looser when the middle of the body has been freed up first.

You'll receive a short movement routine called the "Cat Stretch" that can be done daily to maintain the beneficial effects of this program.

Results? Feel better in your body so you can to do the activities you love, sleep better, have more energy and feel ALIVE!

Here's what past participants are saying:

"For years I've been dealing with chronic neck and lower back pain. My first Somatics class focused on releasing the muscles in my lower back with a very small, gentle movement. The release I felt was huge! Since taking the classes, the pulling sensation in my neck is gone, I can sleep the entire night without shifting to alleviate the pain in my shoulders. Bending over no longer hurts my back and I can sit cross-legged easily. My overall flexibility and range of motion is noticeably improved. I would highly recommend Somatics!"

“It was eye-opening that we can retrain our bodies with such simple, small movements! Really liked the combination of science fact + practical application.”

"This program was definitely worth the time and money! Lenore has a sold understanding of the science behind Somatics, and effectively translates this into practice. She has a natural way of teaching that feels intuitive and supportive to students. Highly recommended!"

After regularly practicing the Cat Stretch (a daily routine to reinforce benefits of the program) here are some RESULTS of the participants:​

  • feel less tight in hips and low back
  • more fluidity when running and cycling
  • feels like a ‘reset’ especially after a highly stressful day
  • shoulders feel less tight, especially when laying down and stretching arms out to the side, there isn't the pulling sensation there used to be
  • played golf four days in a row and could walk afterwards! Neck has much more range and doesn't feel like it will go into spasm when moved in certain ways like it did before
  • did an annual swim event and this year for the first time did not feel sore afterwards! Also had a similar experience after playing golf.
  • Getting up and down from floor is much easier.
  • shoveled gravel and did not feel sore afterwards. Also did gardening for half the day and did not feel any ill effects.
  • can sit more comfortably and has more mobility.
  • feel taller and standing straighter, more aware of posture



Program will start in the New Year 2023. Dates TBA.
To get notified when the program opens, click button below to get on the waitlist:

Below is a time-lapsed video of me doing the Cat Stretch exercises which are the series of movements done daily that maintain the benefits received from the Myth of Aging program. With regular practice of the Cat Stretch (that you'll learn in this program), I guarantee you'll feel improvements!

Lenore Foster
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