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Lenore Foster is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Essential Somatics Movement Teacher serving clients in Lorne Park, Port Credit and South Mississauga. She provides yoga and Somatics classes and privates in her home studio. 


Class Schedule

Theme for May: Elements of nature

The elements found in nature -- earth, water, air and fire -- we can also find in ourselves, in our body. Let's explore movement with this focus:

Earth: feeling grounded and stable.

Water: the fluidity of our blood and energy flowing, of movement in our body.

Air: connecting to our breath and a feeling of lightness.

Fire: the spirit within us, which helps us take action to change and transform. We are not stagnant, we are ever evolving.

Pricing for Group Classes

Drop-in$22 + HST
5-Class Pass (use within 3 months)$102 + HST
10-Class Pass (use within 6 months)$186 + HST
Choose class below, then click "Register" to drop-in. Or scroll to end to purchase 5- or 10-class package. Then register individually for the classes you want and deduct from package.

Lenore Foster
Certified Yoga Teacher and Somatics Educator
1309 Ambleside Drive, Mississauga, ON
Phone: 905-271-2505

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